PET (PETE) is a versatile plastic packaging material that offers many advantages compared to other packaging materials in the marketplace. It is truly a sustainable packaging solution as the material can be recycled and reused in the same applications many times over.


PET has the advantage of being fully recyclable with great mechanical and optical properties. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable, has good gas and moisture barriers and has high impact resistance.


Applications for PET packaging include: thermoforming of clear food containers, opaque ovenable food containers, folded boxes, lamination for modified atmosphere packaging applications, printing substrate, medical packaging, metallize films.


It is easily thermoformed into rigid containers with minimal material requirement to do so.

Barrier Properties

PET has excellent barrier properties, making it ideal for MAP, HPP, and other sealed applications.


It is highly transparent, making it suitable for high visibility applications, protective barriers, and signage.


It can be blended with post-consumer content to produce an R-PET (post-consumer recycled PET) sheet that has the same functionality as standard PETE sheet.


Unique solutions offered by Lucid include customized designs and coatings to ensure proper visibility of food items. Hinged containers with a clear lid and coloured base are also available, and co extruded solutions for desired properties.

  • It is the healthiest product after glass
  • Excellent transparency
  • Takes easy shape
  • Has optimum impact resistance
  • It is the most suitable product for thermoforming applications
  • It is the easiest plastic material to recycle


Amorphous PET (A-PET) is an extremely popular packaging solution as a result of its physical properties, recyclability, and economics. It offers excellent clarity, toughness, and rigidity, and is used for applications such as clam shells (aka hinged containers), cake domes, cookie trays, salad and other utility tubs and containers. It’s a good solution for applications with modified atmosphere.


PCR-PET or (rPET) is a post consumer recycled PET product that comes from PET that has already been used for packaging, such as the plastic bottles. This plastic is sorted, cleaned and transformed so that it can be reused as a food product, as approved by federal authorities. It can be used practically in all the applications where A-PET is used.

PET Typical Properties


0.68 – 0.76 (IV can be tailored for different applications)

Tensile strength

7,000 – 9,000 psi

Flexural Modulus

350,000 – 390,000 psi



Light Transmission




Usable temperature

0 F to 150 F


20,600 in2/lb/mil

Specific Gravity


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