At Lucid Corp, we understand that sustainable packaging an essential requirement for consumers interact with the products they purchase.

Sustainability is integral to our decision making. We will continually work with our customers and suppliers to ensure products are packaged in a sustainable, efficient and economical way that is fit for shipment.

PET packaging solutions are proven to deliver high quality and improved manufacturing efficiencies while having a much smaller carbon footprint compared to other packaging substrates on the market. PET is 100% recyclable, extremely versatile, and will further your sustainability goals while adding value to your end product.

Lucid Corp. is committed to driving toward zero plastic waste through development and offering of quality post-consumer PET extruded roll stock, (and thermoformed packaging.)

How does PET become rPET?

Lucid Corp is capable of producing high quality recycled content packaging with a low carbon footprint, helping to close the loop on plastic packaging and create a circular economy for plastic material.

Step 1

When you put PET bottles and containers into the recycling bin, they are collected via curbside recycling schemes and then they are transferred to recycling facilities, also known as material reclamation facilities (MRFs)

Step 2

The PET material is then sorted out from other recycled material and compacted into bales.

Step 3

Next, the PET material (at this point in the form of used bottles and containers) gets shredded into flake.

Step 4

The flakes are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated until the material meets requirements for direct food contact. From this post-consumer food grade PET flake, it can be further transformed into pellets through a pelletizing process.

Step 5

The reuse of post-consumer material avoids material going to landfills and significantly reduces our carbon footprint of the product that would otherwise be used to producing virgin PET pellets before processing.

Here’s Why PET Works