About Us

Lucid Corp. is a leading edge sheet extrusion company that intends to revolutionize the PET sheet extrusion industry by catering to the unique needs of each and every one of our customers.

Our Vision

We expect to deliver quality, service, innovation, and competitive products that enables growth and a competitive advantage. Our goal is to develop customized and strategic partnerships with our customers that caters to their unique needs.

With extensive extrusion and thermoforming knowledge, we pledge to bring excellent value by utilizing robust, state of the art technologies, outside the box, yet practical solutions to our customers.

Our Mission

Our goal is to always be steps ahead through extensive and continuous market research, product development, and strategic investment in technology and people.

Our goal is to foster and ensure a work environment that is safe, healthy, enjoyable, and progressive for all our associates.

We also pledge to be sustainable and responsible leaders through initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment, utilizing recycled content in our products and striving to bridge the gap between sustainable operations and recyclability.

Our Approach

Our objective is to provide the best possible solution that can propel your business forward. We expect to earn your business!

Design a customized program for each customer based on their requirement. We listen and promptly follow up with solutions that satisfies their requirement.

For our customers, that commitment ensures the highest quality product required at reasonable prices, minimal lead time, and reliable consistent supply.

You win by partnering with Lucid Corp.

Customized Sheet

Excellent customized sheet for your application; gauge consistency, high consistent IV, superior optical properties, widths & diameter to your requirement.

Better Yield & Less Scrap

A more consistent manufacturing process by using a more consistent quality product.

One Stop Shop

Can be a one-stop shop for all your PET needs. Clear, Colored, SxS, RPET, ABA, laminated film


Local technical support from our experienced team

Shorter Delivery Dates

Satisfying your customers with shorter delivery dates than your other suppliers.

Agile Team

Being more nimble and grow by reducing your raw material inventory

Sustainable packaging

Market your company with packaging made from PET1 and rPET products from Lucid Corp.

Service Oriented

Value added services that allows your business to concentrate on growing successfully.